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Orlando Home Prices Rose Nearly 30 Percent Over The Last Year

We've been reporting on the monthly price rises in the Orlando home market in recent times, but sometimes it's good to take a look over how far the market has come in even just a year's time. The Orlando Regional Realtor Assocation agrees with us, because they just produced figures showing how existing single-family home sales have risen 29 percent since August 2012.

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Housing Equity Rises in Second Quarter

As home prices rose over the course of the last quarter, so too did the equity of 2.5 million homes. CoreLogic announced in their second quarter equity report that the amount of underwater homes fell from 9.6 million in the first quarter to 7.1 million.

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I was so stressed out about not being able to sell my condo, but they really came through.
- JoAnn, Short Sale, 5/22/11
"With your friendly, laid-back staff, it was a much nicer experience than any that my friends who are currently doing short sales have described. Thank you very much for taking such good care of me and my sale!"
- Bill, Short Sale, 4/26/12
"The best communication skills! Working with Michael's staff will make you want to fire your own secretary because there are none better; Brittany & Jacklyn knocked it out of the park!"
- Joe, Short Sale, 5/10/12
"I could not have asked for better communication throughout the process from start to finish."
- Jamie, Short Sale, 4/10/12
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Florida Short Sale Experts

Don't become just another number to a large law firm.  You'll be transferred from office to office while being offered additional services to purchase, but never getting the communication that you deserve concerning the sale of your home.

Please feel free to use this site as an education resource for short sales, foreclosures and more.  Feel free to contact us directly regarding any questions you may have; we look forward to helping you!


What Makes Us Different?

We care about you and your family.  It's that simple.

The RE/MAX Exclusive Collection is one of Central Florida's leading real estate brokerages, and we're dedicated to successfully selling your home.  We specialize in short sale transactions, but that knowledge and experience makes our team an ideal choice for anyone looking to sell their home.  Whether you're looking to short sale or to sell your home traditionally, allow us to expedite the process for you by making it quick, efficient and stress free.

Don't be fooled by large law firms that spend hundreds of thousands of dollars annually on marketing campaigns that promise to help.  These same firms have high overhead expenses that are passed down to you as expensive retainer fees that are required for you to pay up front.

We provide the same short sale services to our clients for free.  We only get compensated by your lender after we have successfully gotten your short sale approved.  This means our files are processed faster than a firm that collects money before they even provide any services.  Our services cost you nothing.  In fact, a large percentage of our clients get money at closing through relocation programs that offer between $3,000 and $20,000 to sellers!

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College Park Jazz Fest 2013

That time of the year is upon us! Jazz Fest is here and you do not want to miss out on what looks to be the best one yet. We're looking at three stages of entertainment, as well as all of your favorite College Park vendors setting up shop all along Edgewater Drive. Of course, we'll have a table set up as well, so bring your family on by to meet ours. We'd love to see you!


Orlando City Council Approves $94.5 Million Funding Plan

The Orlando City Council unanimously approved a $94.5 million funding plantowards building up the Dr. Phillips Center for Performing Arts, the Florida Citrus Bowl, and a proposed Orlando soccer stadium, much to the delight of purple-clad Orlando City Soccer supporters.

Government Shutdown: What Does It Mean For Real Estate?

The unfortunate government shutdown will affect people all across the nation in various ways. We’ve gotten inquiries from those concerned parties who are trying to conduct real estate transactions, which can already be a difficult and time-consuming process, as to how the government shutdown will affect them. Our friends at have already compiled a handy guide to how the organizations with the closest ties to real estate are going to handle the shutdown, and we’d like to share some of that information with you all.

Florida Climbs Rankings on Forbes' Best States for Business List

Florida is on the path to recovery, and it's beginning to catch noticeForbes magazine has elevated Florida up five spots from last year on its annual Best States for Business list to rank 22, showcasing the economic improvement over the last several months.